Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some things about the new bike.

Picked up the new bike on Thursday, and I've managed to put over 100 miles on it, thanks to round trips to work on Friday and today, as well as two rides over the weekend. Not bad. I rode it around Thursday night when I got home, too, but didn't have the computer set up yet, so I can't provide data for that ride. I'm really surprised that I went out without getting that in order first. That's not really like me.

So far it's doing really well, although there's a little clackity noise when I'm in the middle chain ring on the front. Some sort of chain tension issue? I'm wondering if the rear derailer needs to be adjusted or something. I'm going to stop at Pro Bike tomorrow on the way home from work and see what they think. I don't have a repair stand at home, so it's not really easy to try to reproduce and get an idea of what's happening.

It's definitely quicker on flats, and it climbs really well, too. I find I'm able to stay up in the third ring a lot more than I could on my Sirrus, and my average speed on flats is probably 1-1.5mph faster, which is pretty awesome. I've already taken three minutes off of my commute into work, which is mostly flat to gentle ascent (with a real nice downhill for the first few miles).

Anyway, yeah. I love it. I have no regrets about shelling out for it, and it looks like I have a buyer for the Sirrus, too, so I'll even get to recoup some of the cost pretty quickly. I still need to get my butt in gear and start listing some CDs on eBay to further offset the cost. I mean, it's not like it's unaffordable or anything. But those CDs have been sitting in a box in the basement for a long time, and this would be a really good excuse to actually try to get them out of the house in exchange for some cash.

Oh. Another thing about the bike: shifting is ridiculously smooth. And easy. Doesn't bother my thumb at all, which seems to be pretty much all healed anyway at this point.

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