Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Okay, I lied.

Umm... so yeah. In that last post I said something about me not buying a new bike this year. Tell that to the guy who bought a 2007 Trek Portland this evening.

I had been looking pretty hard at the 7.7 FX, but the guys at Pittsburgh Pro Bikes showed me the Portland, and explained how awesome disc brakes would be for a commuter bike. I rode a couple different sizes around, and the 52cm was a good fit. I rode the 7.6 FX, too (they didn't have any 7.7s in stock), and I was happier with the ride on the Portland.

I really lucked out in that they had one 2007 still in stock and it was a 52cm. The burnt orange looks waaaaay better than the pearl ecru of the 2008. Since the 2007 was $175 less, I'm getting the drop bars swapped out for a straight bar and changing out the aluminum seatpost for carbon and it'll still cost me less than a 2008 would have cost.

With any luck they'll have it built before the weekend. Of course, the weather looks crappy for the weekend anyway, but things can change pretty quick around here.

Also: Go Pens! Up 3-0 on the Rangers. I don't think that was expected.

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