Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The left knee, briefly.

So. I have tendinitis (informally also tendonitis). Gastrocnemius tendinitis, more specifically.

Physical therapy starts on Monday. I need to strengthen my leg muscles via PT. Just riding the bike won't be enough (as it's obviously not making the pain go away as I continue to ride).


The good news is that the doctor told me to keep riding my bike. I mean, I shouldn't go out and try any centuries or anything crazy like that (although I'm hoping to do a partial the weekend of the 24th), but he said that especially while I'm doing physical therapy, I should continue to ride as normal. Which means weather permitting.

I'm supposed to try to get to PT two or three times a week, and I see the doc again for a followup in six weeks. If the PT seems like something I can do on my own, maybe I'll do that, but I at least want to go for a week or two to get an idea as to what I should be doing to help get things back to the way they were.

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