Friday, January 9, 2009

It'll store our brains in mason jars.

I almost wimped out on riding in to work this morning. It looked cold, and I was running a few minutes late, and part of me kept saying 'Oh come on. You can just drive in to work.'

That part of me might have won if I hadn't packed up all of my stuff last night. Which is one of the reasons why I do that in the first place. Since everything was ready to go, I threw on all of my layers and hit the road, albeit slightly later than I would have liked.

It was pretty cold out, but as is always the case, I warmed up in no time. Sure, the wind stings a little going down Forest Ave. Big deal. It's not like that hill lasts forever. Actually, it was pretty windy even on the flats.

That and the studded tires slowed me down some, but the studded tires also helped keep me upright as I rode down the snow-and-ice-covered Southside trail. Speed for stability is a pretty fair trade.


Man, it's tired out right now. I'm pretty much ready to fall asleep. I just hope I can wake up by the time 5:00 rolls around. Geez. That's still three hours away.


Ehrrin said...

hey alan, this is barbara, ehrrin's girlfriend. i like to bike and talk about it too. do you also enjoy wearing tshirts with pictures of bikes? i collided with a car at the end of august on my way to work. i was headed down liberty ave and he was coming from town and lefted in front of me. i went over the car and down the trunk, landing on my knees(big pain) and hand. i broke my hand and bruised bones in my knees and broke a toe. with the cold weather all of those things still hurt, especially my right knee. it also keeps having bursitis issues. i gone back and forth to a west penn guy but he thinks it will take a long time for everything to heal. i guess if i stopped riding it would help, but instead i went up and over stanton ave 3x in a row to make it worse. the bikes need us and the rods want us, what can a body do?

Ehrrin said...

i mean the roads want us, i can't speak for the rods. barbara