Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More boring bike stuff.

I could talk about the weather a little bit more, if you'd like. It was 10°F out there this morning. That's 4°F warmer than it was yesterday morning, but it's still a little cold for an eleven mile commute.

I packed up my gear and threw the bike in the back of the Fit. I'll ride today at lunch. I'm not coming back into the office until I have fifteen miles on the bike. With the studded tires that might take awhile. Oh well.

Tomorrow's supposed to be much warmer. High of 49°F! That would be fantastic, if it wasn't going to be accompanied by 1-2 inches of rain. If I'm to believe anything that the 10-day forecast tells me, I might be able to get some riding in on Christmas morning.

The 26th and 27th look kind of crap, but the 28th through the 31st (if there's any accuracy at all in the forecast, mind you) look to be excellent riding days. If any of this holds true or stays close to what it's saying now, those last 95 miles (assuming I get 15 in at lunch today) should be a piece of cake. We'll see what happens.

Can't wait to ride in the Icycle Bicycle on the 1st of 2009. If I plan on doing 6,000 miles in 2009, the first day of the year will be the best time to start.

In other related news, my new wheels are supposed to show up tomorrow. It would have been nice to have them this morning when I was getting everything ready. I put the studded tires back on the other night, but it's not like I need them right now. Swapping wheels would have been a piece of cake. Changing tires again at 7:30 in the morning isn't an option.

The refund for the (misrepresented) wheels finally cleared this morning, so I can send those back. The refund will cover a fair amount of the new wheelset. Sure would have been nice if he'd actually sent the wheels that he had listed. To be fair, I'm very appreciative of the fact that he actually did the right thing and refunded my money and covered the return shipping.

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