Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank you, Frick Park, for reminding me that I suck.

Frick Park kicked my ass today. Repeatedly. Chris and I went out, since it's the last time we'll get to ride before he packs up and heads to CA. I had to pick up the Combi S from Pro Bikes yesterday (it needs a warranty-covered fork repair, and it's getting a new XTR front derailleur that I bought cheap on Chainlove) so that I'd have it for today.

We headed from his place over to Frick sometime around 11:00. Starting from Frick Museum side of the park, we made our way down the trail that starts near the bowling green. There's this ridiculously steep (to me, in my mtb infancy, at least) section that I finally made it down today, with only one minor slip that led to a little cut on my elbow.

We made our way up to the Iron Grate trail, and that's where the fun started. I took the lead, for some strange reason, and I don't know how or why, but at one point I just left my bike. Dragged that elbow, my shoulder, and my right leg through some dirt. The elbow was the only thing to suffer any (further) damage.

"That blood on your shorts, is that...?"

"Oh, that's just my elbow. No big deal."

We looked around, but couldn't really figure out what it was that caused me to spill. We may never know.

I climbed back on the bike and we started down the trail again. I want to say the rest of that trail went without incident, although I certainly moved a little more slowly. Actually, Chris ripped his Camelbak on a low-hanging tree branch. I'm short enough, and I guess my bike also low enough that it wasn't an issue for me.

I had another nice fall at one point (with no addition maiming), and so I decided that maybe my tire pressure was a little too high (somewhere around 50psi on a tire rated for 35 - 80). I let some air out and we started again. Shortly thereafter I wiped out. Again. On the left side this time (my previous falls had been on the right side, so at the very least, this made the dirt look more even and balanced).

I still have no idea what my problem was, but once we got down to one of the MUPs, I decided that I'd had my ass kicked enough for one day, and we headed back to his place.

It was great to get out on the trails again. The weather was gorgeous, sun was out, riding was nice when I was upright and pedaling, but really, what happened today? I just don't know.

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